Dried Beef Cecina de León, as its name shows, can be manufactured by industries placed in the province of León. The average altitude of the province of León (1500 m) together with a mediterranean continental climate with long winters and with an average temperature of 2ºC and relative low humidity and springs and autumns with a lot of rain, make it possible for the right conditions for the manufacturing of the dried beef cecina.

The present climate makes possible the slow process of drying out the meat, helping to get that peculiar aroma and taste of the dried beef Cecina de León.In order to manufacture this product, we use beef meat coming from local breeds grazing in the Autonomy of the Community of Castille and León.

The process of manufacturing the dried beef Cecina de León consists in the complete process of transformation of the above pieces in cecina, in the meanwhile the aromatic and tasting characteristics will mature thanks to a biochemical and microbiologic process. The processing of cecina de León is made up of differents stages:

Shaping: the cuts are given the correct shapeSalting: the cuts are covered with coarse grain sea salt. The salt is incorporated to the salty mass, helping the dehydration, the development of the aroma and perfect preservation.The time spent in salting lasts between 0,3 and 0,6 days each Kg. and it´s done in 2-5 ºC and with a relative humidity of 85%.

Washing: The cuts are washed with lukewarm or tepid drinking water in order to eliminate all excess salt..

Resting: It usually takes from 30 to 45 days. Eliminates excess water and makes the salt penetrate equally helping to develop the characteristic microflower.

Smoking: Oak and holm oak wood is used. This phase lasts between 12 and 16 days.

Drying and hardening-curing: This takes place in natural drying places until the maturing is complete; it takes place in natural drying places with open regulating windows so that the temperature (close to 11ºC) as well as the humidity (75-80%) can be controlled.

Once this phase is finished, after seven months of processing, the minimum weight of each piece should be:
Tapa (centre leg): 4 Kg.
Contra (round): 5 Kg.
Babilla (stifle): 3,5 Kg.
Cadera (sirloin): 3 Kg

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