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The European Union recognizes dried beef Cecina de León as a product with a long tradition and an excellent quality. It´s for this reason that the European Union granted this denomination in 1994, giving the green light to the Regulations of the so called “Denominación Específica Cecina de León” (that is, all requirements whose products must fulfill in order to get this seal of approval). and its Regulating Council. The Regulating Council is an Organization of Product Comformity and Certificate.It´s a body which depends from the the Agricultural Council of the Junta of Castille and León, with an independent role from the Administration.

Its main activities are the defence of the I.G.P. (Protected Geographic Indication) dried beef Cecina de León, the compliance of its Rules, the surveillance of those rules in order to enforce them, as well as promoting and controlling the quality of this product.>>

Activities The Regulating Council Governing Council: it´s the Government Body. It´s the main entity responsible and in charge of the certificate and of different tasks; among other functions we have: the approval of the quality system, revizing those functions and carrying on the yearly plan of activities. It´s formed by the president, vice-president, secretary, administrator and members of the board of directors.

Certification Service:

Certification Committee: it´s in charge of the different activities of the Certification Service and assures a total imparciality and independence in the certification process.
Technical Direction: the person in charge is the Technical Director, responsible for the daily management of activities of the Certification Service.
Secretariat and Administration.
Technical Committee.
Tecnical Personnel
. Of great importance are the inspectors, whose functions are to inspect the premises already registered in the industrial Registry of the Regulating Council and to inspect the meat pieces, in order to be protected by the I.G.P (Protected Geographic Indication) Testing and Sampling Committee: its function is to perform their own organoleptycs tests about the evaluating process in order to obtain the certificate.It´s made up of producers which belong to the Council, (restorers, representatives of the Junta...) and independent technicians. Permanent Secretariat: it´s in charge of the different activities concerned with the certificates.

Starting from October 1999, the Regulating Council has produced a Quality Manual based on bylaw EN 45.011. A working system and a management of the quality has been put in place and also has been established a Quality Role based on the assurance of a complete imparciality, independence and integrity, as well as the technical competence of that performance about certification matters.Quality measures are performed sistematically, collecting information and analysing data in order to achieve a big improvement in this area.


Bylaw 25/1970, December the 2nd . Ruling about Vineyards, wine and spirits.

Bylaw on the 28th of July, 1993, of the Agriculture and Farming Council from the Junta of Castille and León, in which is recognized, in principle, the Especific Denomination of Dried Beef Cecina de León.

Bylaw on the 27th of June 1994, in which the Regulations of the Specific Denomination (Denominación Específica) of Dried Beef Cecina de León and its Regulating Council are ratified.

The Regulating Council participates, annually, in the most important country trade shows and fairs related to nourishment sector.

- Participating in sampling and products presentation.
- Organizing prepared tasting sessions.
- Participating in conferences, round table discussions, lectures and different courses organized by Universities ... - Sponsoring gastronomic days.
- Organizing information courses for workers of firms which belong to the I.G.P (Protected Geographic Indication).
- Cooperation with León University and with some High School Colleges through insertion practices in the working firm.
- Developing investigation projects and an improvement in the quality of our products.
- Advertising campaigns through the media.Release, every three months, of a magazine, prepared by the Regulating Council and a release as well of information triptychs.

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Consejo Regulador I.G.P. CECINA DE LEÓN | León - España | Tfno. +34 987 615 275

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